We are two sisters Chhaya and Varsha and we are passionate home cooks. We have been cooking for more than 38 years each. Together we would love to share with you our family recipes which have been handed down to us over 2 generations. 

Born and brought up in the UK, we have had the pleasure of growing up with both Indian and British cultures. Food was the centre of our childhood. We truly believe food is the language that brings the World together and we hope to share our passion with you.


We created The Cardamom Pods to help bring a more achievable and authentic Indian curry to the homes of the British public, by holding Experiences from our homes and sharing age old recipes from our ancestral home of Surat (Gujarat) India.


Our aim is to provide more awareness for what real Indian food is whilst also showing how attainable it really is to recreate in the comfort of your own home. The meals created are nutritional and do not hold the stigma of being unhealthy and oily as some Indian curries are.


Our Experiences cater for all palettes by providing Vegan, Vegetarian, Fish  or Meat options. The list of dishes that are taught out weight the options available on any Indian takeaway menu and our promise to you is that the flavours will blow your taste buds away!